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  1. Some comments on the wiki page:
    The Grimm brothers version of “The Juniper Tree” is a lot more simple than what people now expect from fantasy stories. It doesn’t have a strong sense of place, and the story feels made up, not like it came out of a living breathing world. Worldbuilding has become significantly more important in modern narratives, and I used a wiki page as it represents this newfound importance well. Any sort of wiki is constantly hyperlinking to any number of pages and so any individual page naturally becomes a part of an ecosystem. In this way a wiki page, despite its simplicity, is the exact opposite of the basic fairy tale.
    Even though they lack these sorts of narrative references, fairy tales are part of a larger world, “The Juniper Tree” comes out of 19th century German life. On wiki pages this sort of indirect referencing comes out in annotations and references to outside material, like journal articles. They are not part of the body of the text, but rather are the source. I have no way of knowing exactly where the ideas for “The Juniper Tree” come from, so I instead imagined where the sort of information you see in the tale might come from if it was recorded in universe: witches, wizards, and the like.
    As for the format, Wikipedia is the most recognizable wiki and is also relatively easy to edit. I borrowed a lot of formatting from the non-magical juniper tree pages which helps to place the article in our own world, even if its contents are miraculous.

    1. This is a really interesting interpretation of “The Juniper Tree.” Super detailed and unique redux assignment.
      I can’t remember if this was asked in class, but how did you think of the idea of creating a wiki page?

    2. I found this interpretation of the Grimms Brothers version of “The Juniper Tree” to be very intriguing. I liked how you took a simple story and gave it depth with a modern twist. It was really interesting how you constructed a “world” or “ecosystem” for this fairy tale by creating a wiki page with hyperlinks. I think your implementation of the hyperlinks on your wiki page, compensated for the weak sense of place in the Grimms Brothers version of the story. Overall, I think you did a great job.

  2. I thought it was really clever to put a modern twist on your redux assignment through the wiki page and the hyperlinks. I really liked how you built and constructed a world and ecosystem within a story that was lacking a sense of place.

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