2 thoughts on “The Patchy Cow by Lesley, Karin and Sarena”

  1. Hey Lesley, Karin, and Sarena,
    I really liked your comic book variant of “The Tale of the Ugly Duckling.” I know that creating comic books aren’t easy and it is clear that lots of effort was put into this assignment to not only create a unique and concise story, but the drawings to go along with it as well. It stays true to the original themes of the story in a very realistic and modern telling of the classic fairy tale story. I’m glad your group chose to use the comic book format because illustrations help create concrete images of how you wanted to depict your characters and how it highlights aspects from the original story.

  2. The The Ugly Ducking is a story with the moral of not judging others by their outer appearance because people are more complicated than that. Is there a reason why you chose to use this old story and its moral? Is this story based off of a specific case you know?

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