One thought on “The Ugly Duckling by Rachel, Michael and Joseph”

  1. We adapted the story of The Ugly Duckling by Hans Christian Anderson into a 21st century scenario where an individual is ridiculed for their differences. It is a story of wrongful discrimination through an individual’s journey towards self-identity. We presented the life of the duckling into a walk down the street and a subway ride to school. Similar to the storyline of The Ugly Duckling we address the hardships our individual went through in childhood and the unacceptance from family, following this, the ridicule from strangers on the street represent all the other animals that bullied and tormented the duck. We finish our journey as the ugly duckling does with a look at their reflection surrounded by those who accept them, for they are beautiful.
    We chose to use radio as our medium because there’s a lot that you can leave up to your interpretation. We didn’t want to reveal that the main character is transgendered until the end of the feature, so the lack of visuals actually worked in our favour. That’s also why we wanted to reveal our artist statement at the end of the presentation. We wanted you to go into it with no prior expectations. As Media Production students, we have access to 24 hour audio suites where we were able to record, mix and master our piece. We also have the login for websites that have a lot of royalty free music and sound effects. We used these to add emotion to our scene and create a more realistic experience.

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