2 thoughts on “Snow White by Andrea, Emily and Madison”

  1. As a group, we have decided to retell the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs for the redux assignment. Rather than the traditional telling from the point of view of the narrator or princess, our group has changed it to be from the perspective of Queen Grimhilde, the Queen and Snow White’s evil stepmother. We believed that doing this would spin the tale a bit, in that usually, fairy tales are not told from the point of view of the villain, even though they play a crucial role in shaping the events that make the story what it is. Hearing the tale from the point of view of the villain brings to life new ideas regarding how and why the events of the tale occur, which is something that is not commonly done by corporations such as Disney.
    We have presented Queen Grimhilde’s story in the form of a news cast, in which a news anchor interviews character witnesses to the almost-murder of Snow White, and later in the video interviews Queen Grimhilde herself about her motives for wanting to be rid of her step daughter. In the Disney movie version, the Queen dies after her attempt of killing Snow White, but we have altered that ending, as we saw it crucial that she get her chance to explain what happened, and why she went about killing Snow White in the first place. The motives of the villain are often left unknown in fairy tales, and their characters are also often underrepresented, not being shown as of much importance in comparison to the main characters of the tale. By conducting the interview with the Queen, we get answers to all of the questions that Disney leaves out of their movie version of this story, and we centralize the story of Snow White’s accident upon the woman who planned it all out. All new information gathered about the event we receive from the Queen directly, as she would be the only one able to explain why she wanted to have Snow White murdered. The villains of fairy tales should be recognized with more importance, a theme we have sought out to present through this redux assignment.

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